Thank You! Sharklife Members

Name Country
Heidi Fenton South Africa
Holly Bergstrom United Kingdom
Sarah Garguier France
Leah Eiden United States
Sarah Sargent United States
Frederic BALZEAU France
Chad Hrdina United States
Jesse Rademeyer South Africa
Cora-Nadine Laux Germany
Linn Månsson Sweden
Omar Moura Portugal
Rikke Jensen Denmark
Chong Adrian Malaysia
Graham Murphy Australia
Kerri du Preez South Africa
Kayla Shortt South Africa
Nuño de la Concha Vega South Africa
Archie Morkel United Kingdom
AJ Nel South Africa

Special Note:

Thank you to all the Sharklife members who are committed to the conservation of sharks, your continued support brings hope for these special animals.  

If you would like to remain anonymous please login and change the Membership List setting to "No" on your user profile tab.

If you have a membership query please email us

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