Sharklife Trainer Certification

Certification Overview:

The Sharklife Trainer certification aims to increase both the level of shark-based education available to divers as well as the support for Sharklife's conservation projects.

Sharklife Trainer candidates have a solid base level knowledge of sharks gained through years of practical diving and teaching. Sharklife Trainers are qualified to teach shark courses 01 - 05 available on this website in a classroom or online setting.

How To Register:

  • Be a qualified diving Instructor or Dive Master (any agency)
  • Register as a Sharklife Donor Member
  • Complete the Shark Species course no.00
  • Complete species courses no.01-05
  • Complete the 3 Master Shark Diver exams
  • Complete the Shark ID course
  • Complete the Sharklife Trainer Final Exams
  • Show a history of experience to become a trainer (ie, number of dives, shark encounter experience etc) via a Zoom or Skype call
  • Complete the registration form on your Trainer Profile Tab (log in)

Trainer Materials Include x 5 Species: (example Bull Shark Course)

  • 00 Bull Shark Trainer Guide
  • 01 Bull Shark Trainer Presentation
  • 02 Bull Shark Student Manual 
  • 03 Bull Shark Final Exam
  • 04 Bull Shark Student Certification Blank
  • 05 Bull Shark Final Exam Answer Key
  • 06 Bull Shark Course 04 A4 Poster
  • 07 Bull Shark Course 04 facebook Ad

trainer documents bull


Certification is in the form of a personalised digital pack with Certificate and social media bundle. 

Sharklife Trainer Certificate2


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