Master Shark Divers



Receiving the Sharklife Master Shark Diver Certification means you have developed a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the shark species, while committing to the conservation thereof. Please follow the steps below before registering for the Master Shark Diver Certification.

If you are a Dive Pro then see the Sharklife Dive Pro page >>>


Follow These Steps:

Before you register for the Master Shark Diver Certification please make sure you have completed the following steps:

  • Register as a student on this site and complete the free e-Learning Shark Species course no.00
  • Complete 1st five free Species e-Learning courses no.01-05
  • Complete the free Master Shark Diver exams
  • Show logged encounters with at least five different shark species (details on regstration form)
  • Be a Sharklife Member  



Master Shark Divers are recorded in the Sharklife Membership database. Certification is in the form of a personalised e-Certificate

Master Shark Diver Certificate


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