Master Shark Diver Certification

Certification Overview:

Receiving the Sharklife Master Shark Diver Certification means you have developed a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the shark species as well as committing to the conservation thereof. 

The online program content takes about 10 hours to complete and also requires that you have, in the past, dived with a minimum of 5 shark species. We encourage shark enthusiasts of all levels, even those who have been diving for years to give this program a try!

How To Register:

  • Register as a Supporting Member
  • Complete the Shark Species course no.00
  • Complete courses no.01- 05
  • Complete Master Shark Diver exams no.1 - 3
  • Complete the Shark ID Course
  • Complete the form on your profile page


Certification is in the form of a personalised digital pack with Certificate and social media bundle. 

Master Shark Diver Certificate2


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