Shark Species Courses

Course Overview:

Designed for all ocean enthusiasts these short courses have a beginner to intermediate level of difficulty.  The aim is to introduce the student to a range of five shark species and develop an understanding of their biology and behaviour.

The courses also discuss techniques for diving with different shark species and include a conservation section highlighting the threats facing sharks today.

Example Content:

tiger course example


Course Structure: 

new course structure

Course Topics: (Relevant to Species)

  • Taxonomy and Classification
  • Distribution and habitats
  • Species biology
  • Species behaviour
  • Threats facing species
  • Diving with species

The five species focused on first are;  Whale Shark, Ragged-tooth Shark, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark and Scalloped Hammerhead Shark.


After you have passed the final exam for a particular course you will be able to download your Course e-Certificate

shark species cert



Test your shark general knowledge!

Try 15 radomly selected questions from the courses

shark quiz

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